Holiday Giving – a Healthier and Happier Tomorrow!

We are trying something a little different this year to help the animals and to help you faith-and-bradout too with your generous gift giving. Not only do we have a giving tree where folks can donate toys, blankets, food, and beds to the dogs (email us at for a drop off location near you) but we also came up with a virtual idea!

We all have those people on our list that are so generous and caring and would love nothing more than to receive the gift of a better tomorrow for an animal in this world. So we have come up with a gift you can give that helps a newly rescued pup.

When dogs come into our care, everything is new to them. As they climb into the caring arms of a foster home, we can promise life is about to get much better and that we will do our very best to find them a home that will love them for the rest of their days. Sometimes we need to work on helping the dogs feel loved again, sometimes we need to work on some training, but more often than not, most dogs need a great deal of vetting to find their way back to health.

This is where gift giving this holiday season brings on the sparkly and warm, sugary-sweet feel-good feelings. You can now help these new dogs by giving the gift of a much healthier and happier tomorrow.

Choose the amount you want to donate. Each amount is associated with a health care service. For all donations you will receive (by email) a certificate to print and present to the recipient. For donations of $50 and over, we will email or snail mail (your choice) a holiday card to the recipient wishing them a great holiday season and include the certificate.

Pick your healthy gift donation by clicking on the item of your choice below!*

Ear cleaning and nail trim $10 
Microchip $15 
Vaccines $25 
Heartworm and lyme test $50 
Bloodwork $75 
Neuter $100 
Spay $125 
Dental $150 
Orthopedic surgery $250
Full Package! $500

* Please note that prices are not reflective of actual costs.


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