Adopting a dog is not a decision that should be made lightly but is a the greatest thing you could do for these wonderful beings and often your whole family. Many people get overjoyed at the prospect of bringing in a new bundle of fluff and cuddles into their home and forget some of the challenges of having a dog.

We match dogs for their homes based on what is the best home for that particular dog and have a very extensive adoption process. Some very wonderful families will be suggested to look at other dogs because their favourite looking dog may not be the best match for the family. We will always give an honest depiction of the dogs in our care and wish every dog and family to be successful in the adoption process.

Why adopt?

  1. You’ll save a Life – many dogs are euthanized each year because many people give up their pets that they bought from backyard breeders and puppy mills, or leave them behind when they move or go away.
  2. You will save money – adoption fees cover the cost of all base vetting, including: spay/neuter, vaccinations, and health check, training, and support during the adoption process. Spay/neuter alone could be the cost of adoption!
  3. You will know exactly what you are adopting – animals are kept in homes as part of a family, and are assessed for a minimum of two weeks before adoption in order that we can understand their needs and do all training with the dog to ensure the dogs are the best possible version of themselves they can be. Despite misconceptions many animals in rescue have very few issues and were brought to a shelter due to lack of time, financial and divorce and were not abused or aggressive.
  4. Lifetime support – when you adopt a dog you will have support of an entire rescue community if you were to ever have any difficulties, or need help with anything a whole team of people will be there to help you.

At the point of trial families will be given with dog, a collar/leash, enough food for the full week, and if needed a crate to borrow until one can be purchased.

Adoption fees are $450 for puppies and adults and $350 for seniors. We are highly committed to training and if you are able to provide proof of completion of a training course (obedience, agility, flyball etc) you will receive $50 reimbursement of your adoption fee.

What we expect

We expect that adoptive homes fully incorporate their new dog into their family and that the dog lives within the family home and will not to be expected to be an outdoor dog.

As part of the process, the adoptive family will need to continue training that the dog has received while in foster training, this will include providing structure and routine, exercise, continued obedience and/or specialized training, and maintaining manners. Adoptive dogs will be crate trained (except in extreme cases), and will be house trained to age appropriate levels.

When dogs move from one home to another even the most well trained dog can have challenges with basic obedience, house training and crate training. We will help any adoptive family prepare for these things and help you with ideas of creating routine with ongoing stimulation with thinking toys, exercise.

All the dogs in our care are very special to us and therefore we look forward to regular updates on how the dogs are doing, and pictures always warm our hearts.

Process to Adopt a Dog

  1. Email us to get a copy of the adoption application and send it back to us.
  2. Sit With Me Volunteer will review and arrange a phone chat
  3. Home Visit
  4. Trial to ensure dog fits in home (typically one week)
  5. Adoption contract signed, and adoption fee paid.

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