We’re always in need of foster homes. If you would like to become a foster home for Sit With Me Dog Rescue or learn about the process, please email us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

“Most foster homes will tell you fostering can be exceptionally rewarding but it can also be very hard work. Fostering is more than just taking in a puppy and loving it; It’s also helping that dog become the best possible version and then sending your foster dog to a new home when the time comes.

We firmly believe in supporting our volunteers and are happy to provide our foster homes with the necessities such as crates, toys and food if needed. We also cover the cost of all necessary veterinary care for all the dogs in our care.

We’re always in need of foster homes. If you would like to become a foster home for Sit With Me Dog Rescue, let’s start by seeing if we are a good match!

Start the process to become a foster home.

What to expect when you’re expecting… a foster dog!

We already know your heart is in the right place because you are here, reading about what to expect when you’re expecting your foster dog.  You’re being responsible by reading up and learning as much as you can before you commit to a life.

You’re probably overcome with happiness at the thought of offering to help save a cute dog from doggy death row. The commitment to a foster dog is more than just taking it in and loving it for a few days. The process of sending a dog to a new home may take a couple of weeks or be as long as a year or two. You will be the foundation that will determine the best home for the dog in your care. You will gain knowledge as you experience different obstacles and face decisions.

But don’t fret…  you are never alone!  Your emails and phone calls will not go unanswered and the forum is a great way to keep us all connected. With whatever you need our volunteers will always be ready and eager to help wherever we can.  We will set you up to succeed and give you all the advice we can to help encourage you and your new foster.  We can help by supplying crates, collars, leashes, and food when we have some donated, but we are also ever-present in the process – one call, text or email away from you!

We encourage (and sometimes insist) that foster homes set time aside to attend basic obedience class with their new fosters.  We pay for the classes and we see them as an investment in the dog, as well as in our foster homes.  By having more tools in your tool belt, you will be more comfortable deciding how best to handle certain situations and how to encourage positive outcomes.  We help set you up to succeed, so you can do the same for your foster dogs!

We also have private foster walks that are just starting out where foster homes can get together and bring their fosters out for a nice walk and discuss what is happening in the world, and of course, in their home.  We want a feeling of community and togetherness and we gain that by communicating.

We know that getting your first foster is an exciting time for you and your family but we want to remind you that it’s very important to take things slowly. We ask that all new foster dogs be introduced slowly to the other dogs in your home as well as be given space to acclimatize to their new surroundings. Our slow intros document has all the information needed to successfully introduce a new foster to the family. We want to set our foster homes and dogs up for success so please take a moment to learn about the benefits of slow intros and how to get started.

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